Codelocks recently launched a new series called the KitLocks, which are the Keyless Cabinet Door Lock functions. There are a variety of options within the KitLocks. This type of lock is not new to this industry, but some of the features are unique to the Codelocks KitLocks.

KL1000 Series

The KitLock 1000 locker locks are a quick retrofit for keyed cam locks supplied as standard on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards. The keyless locks are easy to fit, taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and then making an additional top fixing for the new

KL1000 can also be fitted to a locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys. The KL1000 Series has 2-Modes, Privacy and Public. The Privacy mode is the same password over and over again. The Public mode is a unique password each time with a one time use. It runs on 2-AAA batteries (supplied) with 15,000 openings. It comes with a battery override in the event of battery failure. For Battery Failure, a 9V battery held up to the lock will “jump start” the lock but you still need the code to access the lock. The KL1000 Series Kit accommodates 1/2″, 1/4″ and 1″ thick doors.

Codelocks KL1200 Codelocks KL1500 Codelocks KL1000

KL1000 Series with NetCode

The KitLock 1000 NetCode allows temporary access to lockers and cabinets through a web-based NetCode Portal. NetCode provides the owner the ability to activate the locks and generate time-sensitive codes prior to installation. Generated codes can be sent by email or SMS to any email account or mobile phone. The NetCode Portal enables the owner to create a code that can only be used during a specific time period, or even a specific date. It also allows a history of each lock to know start date, duration, who received the code, and any additional notes. Perfect for rental facilities.

Codelocks NetCode

KL1200 Series

The KL1200 Series locker lock is tougher and more robust than the KL1000 model. It includes all the benefits of the KL1000 plus additional features and functions. It also offers the 2-AAA Battery operation but includes 50,000 openings. The KL1200 has 4 code levels available: 1) 8-digit Master Code; 2) 8-digit Sub-Master Code; 3) 4-digit User Code; and 4) 6-digit Technician Code. The KL1200 can function through a Public or Private function where the Public Function  is a single user code with 1x use, and the Private function for reusing the same code repeatedly.

Codelocks KL1200

 KL1500 Series

The KL1500 Series combines the features the KL1000 and the KL1200 offer, plus more. The KL1500 Series boasts a ‘real time’ clock that can be programmed to automatically open after a set period of time, which is great if you are limited to the number of lockers. The lock has multiple user codes available, just like the KL1200, but the KL1500 can be programmed where two codes are needed to open the lock. For extra convenience, the keypad can be replaced with an iButton for access control by wristband. The KL1200 also offers a time clock built within which allows a code to be inserted into the lock, and 2 hours later the door will open. Up to 20 individual User Codes can be entered into the lock at the same time.

Codelocks KL1500

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