A Command Access Energy Transfer Hinge (ETH) is an ideal way to transfer energy from a hinge jamb to an electric strike or mortise/cylindrical lockset without any exposed wires. Furthermore, Command Access Technologies ETH’s are available for nearly any hinge manufacturer or size and all come UL listed.

As a result, applications for the Command Access Energy Transfer Hinges are low-voltage hinge jamb power to cylindrical and mortise locksets, electric strikes, electric exit trims, latch pullback devices, door mounted card readers.  Also, Command Access Energy Transfer Hinges work well on low voltage door lights for doors in Hospitals and Industrial Facilities.

Command Access Technologies Energy Transfer Hinge


  • UL Listing — 60LK — Flexible Connector on 2, 4, & 6 wire models
  • High-temp Teflon wire used
  • 4W — 26/19 gauge/strand wire — 1 Amp, Continuous rating.
  • 5 knuckle, 3 knuckle, 2 knuckle, swing clear, anchor and pivot hinges modified
  • Centered access holes on most 5 knuckle hinges make for an easier installation
  • 19 stand wire on 2, 4, & 6 wire models assure long hinge life
  • 4′ leads available

In conclusion, contact your local IDN Branch too place your order for Command Access Energy Transfer Hinges or for a quote.

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