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I’ve got a commercial parking lot on which the owners now want drivers to card in and card out.  They do not have an existing access control system.  Where do I start?


There are several solutions, from long range readers to fobs or cards.  Here’s two options:

A very reasonably priced solution is BeKey.  The BeKey Orange Box is a Blue Tooth enabled relay, that works with electric strikes, gate systems, mag locks, etc.  It allows access through a free app downloaded onto your smart phone.  Simply integrate the Orange Box within your gate operator as the relay for activation.  The Orange Box can operate in two modes, one is with their web based software for which there is an annual hosting license. The second is in the private mode which does not have hosting.

A second option would be a Cansec Smart lock Pro Plus two door kit. Cansec is a cost-effective, entry-level system using single-door controllers and a built in power supply.  The software is easy to learn and your system can be expanded up to 120 readers and 4,800 users. You can have a card reader for entering and one for exiting, giving you a true audit trail for your application.  You can connect a pc directly to the panel using a USB connection or connect over a LAN network.  If your customers building does not have conduit running to the parking lot gate, Cansec has wireless communication available.  With the new feature of Momentary Unlock, any LAN connected user i.e. a receptionist or security guard can allow access to non-cardholders.

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