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The CompX 150 Series eLock is a keyless, non-networked electronic cabinet lock with applications where audit trail and HID proximity card integration are factors. The 150 Series eLock can hold up 250 unique users codes and stores up to the last 1,500 access attempts, which can be viewed and downloaded with LockView 5/5Pro software.*

CompX 150 Series eLock


  • Spring-loaded latch provides the convenience of automatic relocking – no need to enter a credential to lock the door or drawer – allowing uses to access or return items quickly
  • Offers time-based restrictions
  • Audit trail of last 1,500 access attempts with date, time and user name
  • 250 user/supervisor codes
  • Three modes of access: Keypad, HID Proximity card** or iCLASS HID
  • Motor driven latching mechanism
  • 6-AA battery pack; premium brand Alkaline batteries recommended (not included)
  • Low battery indicator

(*LockView 5/5Pro software is Windows-based only)
(**Use existing identification cards)

To place your order for a CompX 150 Series eLock or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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