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The CompX RegulatoR AT is the latest updated version of CompX’s keyless cabinet door locks including a newly added audit trail feature. Like its predecessor the RegulatoR, this lock can be set to manual or self-lock with the self-locking version outfitted with CompX’s SlamCAM®—spring-loaded latching mechanism, as well as promising up to 75,000 cycles on the life of two AA batteries.

The Compx RegulatoR AT stands alone in that it provides an audit trail for the last 1,500 events via USB directly to a PC as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Applications for the CompX RegulatoR AT include cabinets doors, drawers, storage enclosures, filing cabinets, and computer servers in School and University faculty or nurse’s offices and Hospitals.


  • Provides 1,500 event rolling audit trail
  • Available in two versions — self-locking featuring SlamCAM® and manual locking
  • 75,000 cycles; extended battery life reduces replacement and labor/maintenance costs
  • Battery compartment is easily accessible from the outside of the cabinet
  • Low battery indicator
  • Non-volatile memory retains codes during battery replacement
  • Four different keypad configurations:
    —  left and right hand, vertical and top vertical
  • Install on new or retrofit applications
  • Uses ¾” diameter mounting hole
  • Each RegulatoR AT is capable of holding up to 20 unique codes (4 – 8 digits)

To place an order for CompX RegulatoR AT or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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