Labor Saver #5

We featured our Labor Saver #1 which was the Securitron Mag Lock with built-in camera, Labor Saver #2 which was the CompX Stealthlock, Labor Saver #3 which was the Hinge Doctor, and Labor Saver #4 was the Securitron PowerJump. Today we feature another Labor Saver, which is the CompX RegulatoR.

CompX Security Products has released the RegulatoR keyless, electronic pushbutton cabinet lock for new or retrofit applications. The RegulatoR is available in two versions: Self-Locking and Manual Locking.

CompX RegulatoR Pushbutton Lock

The self-locking version features SlamCAM, a spring loaded latching mechanism, which allows the user to close the cabinet door or drawer – no need to return the knob to the locked position. To operate the self-locking RegulatoR, users enter a valid code on the membrane keypad and press enter. The correct code allows the knob and SlamCAM to be rotated simultaneously 90 degrees into an open position. Since the knob is spring-loaded, simply releasing the knob returns the SlamCAM back into latching position. The SlamCAM, which is also spring-loaded, operates very similar to standard entry door hardware – users just need to push the cabinet door or drawer closed.

The manual locking version uses conventional cams to secure the application and allows users to rotate the knob into the unlocked and locked position. Manual locking version can be programmed into single use, also known as locker mode. Once the RegulatoR is programmed into single use, the lock is in an unlocked position. This enables users to program their own code into the lock and secure their belongings. The same code opens the lock and remains open until a new code is entered. 

Both versions include (2) AAA batteries which provide for 50,000 openings, a low battery indicator, and convenient external battery access for easy removal and installation of batteries. The RegulatoR’s easy to clean membrane keypad is extremely durable and provides a smooth, crevice free surface. RegulatoR is available in three different keypad configurations: Left Hand, Right Hand, and Vertical. It uses a 3/4″ mounting hold and a smaller, secondary attachment point. Three cylinder lengths are available for material thickness up to 1-7/16″. RegulatoR is ideal for healthcare, education, lockers, laboratory, retail display, and office furniture environments. RegulatoR applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient room cabinet/lockers
  • Supply cabinets
  • Personnel lockers
  • Computer server racks
  • Office furniture cabinets/drawers
  • Audio visual cabinets
  • Reception and conference furniture
  • Retail display cabinets

Where can I purchase this product?
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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.

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