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Sometimes there comes a time when you’re servicing a business or industry where security is critical not just some of the time, but all of the time. In these scenarios, forgetting to lock up a cabinet door or drawer isn’t an option. The CompX Self-Closing SlamCAM closes the gap in security where occasional forgetfulness might leave a cabinet or door unlocked.

The CompX Self-Closing SlamCAM converts any CompX National cam locks (C8051—C8075) into self-locking cam locks. This upgrade on CompX National C8051—C8075 cams adds the luxury of securing doors without using a key. Replacing steel cams with the SlamCAM eliminates cams crashing into furniture or strikes while in the latched position. Bent cams can cause locks not to secure properly or secure at all. With the CompX Self-Closing SlamCAM it takes the thought out of security—just slam the door and it’s locked.

 CompX SlamCAM Components IsometricCompX SlamCAM Components


  • Retrofits CompX National cam locks C8051 — C8075
  • 13/16″ wide, 1-7/16″ high, 25/32″ deep
  • Spring-loaded latch

CompX Security SlamCAM Overview video

To place an order for the CompX Self-Closing SlamCAM or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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