If you are reading this, I really hope you have a logo for your locksmith business. And if you don’t have a logo, you should!

Did you know there is an emotional feeling to choosing the right color when you are designing your logo? On both a conscious and subconscious level, colors convey meaning. Color has the ability to make or break a product or brand. With the locksmith industry under scrutiny for scammers, giving a negative connotation to your logo is not ideal.

Think of popular logo’s, and I’ll venture to guess that you can name the color of the logo:

  • McDonald’s
  • Coca-Cola
  • John Deer
  • Ford

Understanding color meanings (both positive and negative), and how they relate to your target audience (age, class, gender) will help you create a stronger brand palette. Here’s a breakdown:

Cool Colors
Cool colors tend to have a calming effect on the viewer. Used alone, however, these colors can have a cold or impersonal feeling. When choosing a cool color, it may be wise to add a color from another group to avoid this and to warm your palette.

Positive: Blue is tranquility, loyalty, security, trust, intelligence, love
Negative: coldness, masculinity, fear 
Positive: Turquoise is sophisticated, healing, protection, spiritual
Negative: envy, femininity
Positive: Silver is high tech, sleek, graceful, glamorous
Negative: insincere, dreamer
Positive: Purple is spirituality, royalty, ambition, nobility, luxury
Negative: mystery, moodiness
Positive: money, growth, fertility, freshness, healing
Negative: envy, guilt, jealousy

Warm Colors
Warm colors tend to have an exciting effect. When used alone, they can over stimulate and generate emotions of violence and anger. When choosing warm tones, add colors from another group to balance this.

Positive: Orange is courage, success, confidence, friendliness
Negative: ignorance, sluggishness
Positive: Pink is feminine, sweet, playful, compassion, happy, healthy
Negative: weak, immature, femininity
Positive: Yellow is energy, sun, happy, intellect, bright, creativity
Negative: unstable, irresponsible
Positive: Red is power, heat, strength, passion, love, energy
Negative: warning, danger, anger
Positive: Gold is prosperity, valuable, wealth, traditional
Negative: dreamer, greed

Neutral colors
Neutral colors are a great selection to mix with cool or warm palettes. They are great for backgrounds in designs and tend to tone down the use of other bold colors. Black is added to create a darker shade while white is added to create a lighter tint.

Positive: Black is formality, dramatic, protection, classy
Negative: death, evil, mystery
Positive: Brown is friendly, conservative, outdoors, earth, longevity
Negative: dogmatic, conservative
Positive: Gray is solid, reliability, security, intelligence
Negative: gloomy, conservative, sad
Positive: Tan or Beige is conservative, dependable, flexible, crisp
Negative: dull, boring, conservative
Positive: White is innocence, purity, clean, fresh, easy, goodness
Negative: distant, cold, winter
While there is no right or wrong color scheme, knowing your target audience and considering their response to colors will help guide you in how to choose. Don’t choose what appeals to you, choose what appeals to your target audience. Why? Because your consumer needs to choose you and if your logo doesn’t appeal to them, they will take their business elsewhere.
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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.