Ever order a door and the communication between the shop and you was mixed? The door arrives prepped with the wrong handing and you are delayed for a replacement. Here are some tips to help out when placing the order. In addition, contact our Door Division for an Order Form which has a check box for the handing. It’s very simple to use!

An excerpt from Assa Abloy

Seems like an elementary task but handing a door can be confusing and frustrating which leads to all sorts of issues when hardware is ordered and delivered to site, only to find out that the hand of the door was calculated incorrectly.

We have a Power Point presentation (that we have converted to images  – see below) that takes the mystery out of handing a door and puts it into simple terms that are tried and true. If you follow these simple basic rules, you will never have another door handing issue!

Simple Rules to Follow for Handing a Door

Assa Abloy Doors Handing1
Assa Abloy Doors Handing2
Assa Abloy Doors Handing3
Assa Abloy Doors Handing4
Assa Abloy Doors Handing5

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