C.Q.R.iT (pronounced Secure-It) is a newer product line that is building popularity pretty quick. It is a company which offers electronic lockers and key cabinets, and specializes in customization.

CQRiT Key Cabinet

The electronic lockers and key cabinets have a variety of features including:

  • A Two-point locking system and only authorized users can unlock the door
  • Each set of keys can be specifically controlled, and can restrict access based on user, group, time, or quantity
  • Once the door is unlocked, users can only access the sets of keys they have been authorized to remove. All other keys within the cabinet will remain locked.
  • Alarms can be added to the locker/cabinet and can be audible on the cabinet, as well as send a notification to a smartphone and/or relay the signal to an existing alarm panel. Perfect application should a key be returned after a specific time at a testing facility.
  • Authentication through pin, prox card, fingerprint, and even facial recognition
  • Additional accessories include:
    • Prox Readers
    • Breathalysers
    • Coloured Key Tags
    • Tamper Proof Card Holders
    • Fingerprint Scanners
    • Facial Recognition
    • “Dynamite” Button (in emergency situation, all keys are released)
    • Key Concealer (hides the cut of important keys so they can’t be copied)


Contact your local IDN to inquire about the C.Q.R.i.T. products. This product has many solutions in various buildings. We show this product in our Security Solutions area of our website for Hospitals and Industrial Facilities


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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.