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Question: I had a customer come in my shop with a Curtis key blank, and he wanted an original manufacturer blank. What are the easiest steps to cross reference the blanks?


Answer: I will be using the Ilco Key Blank Catalog for this example. The methods are basically the same for all manufacturers. First, look up the Curtis number in the back of the book. Let’s use CO43 as an example. The Ilco number for CO43 is 1001K. Second, go to the index in the front of the book and locate 1001K. Then, go to the page indicated and find the blank. Look at the section heading and you will that it is a CCL blank. Lastly, go back to the cross reference section under CLL and find 1001K. Look at the adjoining column and you will see that the CCL number is S1-96-5.There are also a number of good computer programs that can be purchased for cross referencing key blanks. Programs include Key Blank Cross-References from Blackhawk Products, KeyChoice from HPS, and Ilco Advantage from Ilco. Contact your local IDN-Branch for details.

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