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Easily installed and able to take a good degree of punishment, the Detex Advantex 10-Series Rim Exit Device is a super-heavy-duty panic and fire exit hardware application for single and double doors with mullions. Outfitted with a patented mounting plate and strike locator system for accurate installs, jobs are made that much easier when installing panic hardware — where there is little room for error.

The Detex Advantex 10-Series Rim Exit Device is an ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 device, and can be ordered either panic-rated hardware and/or fire-rated. Applications can be extended for access control use in Multi-Family Housing and Property Management facilities.

Detex Advantex 10 Series


  • Patented mounting plate and strike locator system replaces paper templates
  • Stainless steel deadlocking, pullman-type latch bolt
  • Tested beyond 1,000,000 cycles (Twice the cycling required for Grade 1 UL testing)
  • All exposed surfaces are finished over stainless steel with PVD, an environmentally-friendly finishing process
  • Heavy-duty angled end-cap deflects damage away from device
  • Non-handed
  • Field sizeable
  • 1/8 turn hex or cylinder dogging
Mechanical Options Electrical Options
3-Hour Fire Rated (F) Exit Alarm (EA)
Hurricane Rated (H) Electric Dogging (ED)
3 Mounting plate (BP)
(call factory for retrofit information)
Electric Integration (EI)
5 Mounting Plate (BP)
(call factory for retrofit information)
Electric Latch Retraction (ER)
Silencer (SLR) Delayed Egress – Self Contained (EE)
Cylinder Dogging (CD) Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EExER)
Hex Dogging, Standard (HD) Delayed Egress – Mag Lock (EM)
Surface Strike, Standard (99) Electric Unlock (EU)
Semi Mortise Strike (98) Latch Bolt Signaling (LX)
Fits 36″ Door Width, Standard (36) Latch Bolt Signaling for High Voltage (LXV)
Fits 48″ Door Width (48) Electric Switching (ES)
Request to Exit (EX)
Request to Exit for High Voltage (EXV)
Request to Exit Weatherized (EXxW)
Request to Exit Weatherized for High Voltage (EXVxW)

Detex Advantex 10-Series Exit Rim Device Installation

To place your order for a Detex Advantex 10-Series Rim Exit Device, or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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