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There comes a time when you need to assure the restricted entry to high-security rooms or areas like those found in government buildings, banks or personal record offices. Security in these situations may need to be retrofitted to stop intruders who may try to follow authorized personnel or tailgate into these restricted areas. The Detex AT-5200 Tailgate Detection System works with your existing access control system to be able to alarm, announce or notify when such a situation occurs.

AT-5200 Tailgate Detection System

The Detex AT-5200 Tailgate Detection System is a handy addition to any access control system you have in place. The AT-5200 mounts to any door frame or wall in communication with an existing card reader. Entry is limited to those with permission by use of infrared sensors to assure a single entry per authorized card read.

*Optional upgrades can be integrated to sound alarms or remotely announce any entry without a permitted read.


  • Adds additional security to a restricted area where unauthorized entry must be controlled
  • Integrated door prop alarm for additional security
  • Compatible with most access control systems and easily retrofits, providing enhanced security
  • ADA compliant
  • Remote annunciator plates fit in a single gang box
  • Tamper Switch
  • Status indicator lights (Wait or Proceed)
  • Alarm can be reset by a remote contact
  • Field configurable for card in/card out or card in/free exit operation
  • 3-year limited manufacturers warranty

Mechanical Options

  • Spacer mounting kit (order separately)
  • 1 gang remote annunciator plate (included with AT-5200-R1)
  • Mullion mount remote annunciator plate (specify AT- 5200-R2)

Electrical Options

  • MS-1039 Magnetic Door Contacts (optional)
  • 80-800 Power Supply (12V DC option)

Technical Options

  • 12V DC @ 500mA
  • Direct mounting to doorframe or wall by using optional spacer mounting kit
  • Alarm Sound Level – 70 dB @ 10 inches

To place an order for the Detex AT-5200 Tailgate Detection System or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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