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There has been some confusion determining the swing of a door. I know that the door we had was a RH swing, but the term LHR (Left Hand Reverse) continues coming up. Is there a difference?



There is a difference between the two.  The difference is that the swing not only determines the direction and handing the door swings, but also that it determines the key side of the door.  On a RH or LH door, the key side is on the push side. On a RHR or LHR door, the key side is the pull side. This is extremely important information. With some hardware, especially exit devices, the door prep can be very different on either side of the door. This can get confusing at times, because a door that swings RH with the key on the pull side is a LHR swing.  In the same way, a door that swings LH with the key on the pull side is a RHR swing.

Here is a chart to help determine the swing:
Differences between a RH swing and LHR, Door Handing

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