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Question:  I just put a new door closer on my existing door in hopes it would assist in closing the door all the way, and it still won’t close all the way.  What should I do?


Answer:  First, troubleshoot to see if the door swings properly without the closer attached.  Often the issue is that it will be a door problem and not a hardware issue.  We recommend that you start at the root of the problem:

  • Does the door swing properly?
  • Does it latch?
  • Is the threshold or weather strip causing a bind, etc.?
  • Is there something blocking the door from closing? Sometimes there may be something in the way of the door, a screw, a door wedge, even ice and/or salt can build up in the winter and cause a bind

Be a detective and find out what’s wrong.  If an issue still lingers, we can have one of our technicians or security specialists be onsite to examine the opening.

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