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With all the new changes since the pandemic, I am not sure if I am required to change the type of hardware I install. Where do I find this information out and what type of new hardware is available to accommodate the new guidelines?



Each municipality will have different laws and guidelines that you need to follow. A good start would be with your local Fire Marshal’s office. Regarding the new hardware available, many manufactures have produced new hands free products that can wire in to an existing system or a new system. The hardware can range from low profile wave readers to high voltage automatic door openers. IDN has brought in several new products to accommodate all of your system requirements. Your local IDN salesperson can assist you with putting together a package of products that we offer.


In addition to a broad offering of product and service solutions, IDN offers pre-sale and post-sale technical support. The benefit to you is that We Make Security Simple. Whether your task is related to high-security systems, electronic access control, door installation, or other, our experts are here to assist. Just let us know how we can help.

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