Do’s and Don’t’s of Marketing Your Brand

You are probably reading this thinking, “I’m a locksmith, I’m not a Fortune 500 Company. Why do I care about Marketing a brand?” – wrong! Just because you are not a global brand like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc. doesn’t mean you stop marketing your brand. You have a brand, it’s you, as a locksmith.

Do's and Don't's of Marketing

Some locksmiths start out and just get it. They know how to market the business, obtain and retain customers, and succeed. Others don’t get it, and consequently close their doors. Don’t think you can just start a locksmith shop without doing the grunt work of marketing your shop. Consumers assume as a locksmith that you are overpriced and only do lockouts on residential homes or automobiles. Locksmiths, as a trade, are way more valuable and needed beyond lockouts and rekeys.

How do you stay ahead of the curve? Market your brand, but correct. Some tips below to help you out:

  • Don’t let a weak brand leave you dead on arrival.
  • Do understand how to avoid killing your brand to begin with.
  • Don’t spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on a brand that is ineffective
  • Do know exactly what your brand is, who your target audience is, and what you want the perception to be by the audience.
  • Don’t assume you can “reach everyone”. It isn’t possible.
  • Do advertise exactly what you do. Stating “locksmith” isn’t enough. If you specialize in Automotive work, then advertise that. If you do 24/7 emergency work, then advertise that. If you work on commercial buildings and specialize in CCTV, show a picture of a camera and advertise it.
  • Don’t assume putting “locksmith” only on a business card, truck/van, storefront door will be enough to advertise what you do.
  • Do demonstrate how you can help the customer. Sowing seeds makes people want to reciprocate, which leads to more conversations and more jobs. Free samples, try-me programs, and pure visual differences between products are often enough.
  • Don’t offer a poor designed website. If the consumer can’t get to what they need immediately, they leave the site.
  • Do offer a website that is easy to navigate and show your offering. Then, keep maintaining it.
  • Don’t ignore social media. Even if you hate social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) your customer loves it.
  • Do create a Facebook and Twitter account. It is worth having a social media presence and a following because it will help brand you as a person who consumers can trust. There is real opportunity to grow your business.
  • Don’t come across as defensive or contrived, it’s a turnoff to your customer. If a customer asks a question about a product or your business, do you smile when you respond, or do you get agitated?
  • Do offer the two biggest factors that drive trust: Authenticity and Maturity. Realize that not everyone needs to buy the products you offer. Word-of-Mouth is the BIGGEST free marketing available. It also is the BIGGEST brand killer out there.
  • Don’t ignore your Google Search. Have you Googled your brand lately? If you don’t like what you see, chagne it.
  • Do monitor your brand often. Social Media can help build your brand just as quickly as it can destroy your brand.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.