EAC for Student Housing Building

I have an end user with a 20 unit student housing building who is looking for electronic locks. The building currently has deadbolts and passage levers. They seem to be on a tight budget. Do you have anything that might work for them?

We have the perfect solution for your needs, the BE467 Schlage Control deadbolt with Schlage Engage software and the MT20w credential enrollment reader. Schlage Control Smart Deadbolts are easily adaptable to a property’s unique needs. Control deadbolts fit in a standard door preparation. The keyless, no cylinder design is pick proof and eliminates the cost and hassle of managing keys for your customer’s site and it is also ADA compliant. You can use an android or an apple phone as a key along with smart credential fobs, for everyday use. The Engage software can be accessed from your pc or your smartphone. In the event of a theft or unauthorized access the deadbolt has a 1000 event audit trail. With “no tour” functionality, you can program the locks over your buildings wifi network without needing to visit the lock for programming. With additional lock types for common areas, this product will be perfect for your customer’s site.


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