Many Locksmith Wholesale Suppliers offer various education and trade show events throughout the year, and IDN is part of this. We value our locksmith customers, and with the ever changing industry, it is important for all locksmiths to stay up-to-date on various new products on the market. Education is important, and should always continue to build.

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Education should stand as one of the top priorities for the modern locksmith.  There are locksmiths out there who place the concept of education on the back burner, and rely entirely on hands on training.  While nothing will ever replace field experience, a locksmith can see their reputation, profit, and overall income increase through attending education.

Proper training helps one present an image of professionalism to a customer.  By knowing the right product application, life safety concerns, and methods to accomplish customer goals, they feel they are dealing with a person who is at the top of their trade.  By learning about products and how best to combine them to fit customer needs, the best way to install and work with a variety of materials, and how to attend to unexpected situations that might arise, the finished job will also have a look of professionalism to the customer and anyone else who will see the work.  This can help assure future work from a customer, as well as increase the chance that they might tell others.  And by doing a quality job you are more likely to have others view it and say ‘That looks great! Who was it that did the work?”.

Your education in product information, installation, alternative solutions, materials, and the like will further benefit you in making the work you currently do more efficient.  Learning about a particular tool or method might cut down a new installation in half the time.  Being able to determine the root cause of problems and how to fix them rather than the sympton will allow you to solve the customers issue and avoid an unpaid return visit down the road.  Identifying hard ware types and knowing where to order replacements and making informed decisions about what repair parts you should carry can also help avoid return visits, as well as cutting down on the hours that might be invested in researching for one job.  There are many ways to improve efficiency and being properly educated on industry topics ranks highly.  The less time spent trying to figure out a job is more time to complete another.

While you are finding yourself able to complete jobs in a better time frame, you will also find that the quality of jobs increase.  By pursuing education in areas you have typically avoided you can start to say ‘Yes, I can fix that!’.  I don’t think people realize quite how often they turn away money by turning down additional work.  There might be one off requests that may not justify further learning.  If a request is heard often enough, it just might be the time to look into it.

Perhaps one of the most important things continuing education provides is an overall increase in the image of locksmiths in general.  The more we all learn about our field and the more informed decisions we apply to our jobs, the more professional the public will view locksmiths.  With so much in recent years about scammers and fly-by-nighters, it is up to those legitimate locksmiths to make the public aware of what a locksmith really is.  How to deal with and attempt to eliminate will be a topic for another day.

Another topic for another day is that of licensing.  Often licensing requirements include that of education, which promotes many of the above listed benefits.  Of course there are pros and cons to the issue that must be considered before rushing through licensing based on that alone.

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