Keri Systems came out with a lockdown solution for Schools in an emergency situation. This lockdown is called Doors.NET and PXL or NXT Hardware.

Emergency Lockdown products are not new, and sadly they are becoming more and more popular. This particular lockdown allows customers to configure the system to react in three modes: Global Lock; Lockout; Lockdown.

Global Lock means all doors lock, but authorized credentials/cards are still allowed access, and egress is permitted.

Lockout means all doors are immediately locked, authorized cards no longer work, but egress is still permitted.

Lockdown means all doors lock, cards no longer gain access, and egress is not allowed except where a mechanical exit devices, such as a crash bar, exists.

To provide added flexibility, the system can be configured to exclude certain doors from participation, and selected credentials can be designated to override the lockout/lockdown condition, such as those that would be carried by law enforcement personnel.

Clicking a button in the software from any authorized Doors.NET workstation.


Pressing a panic button, flipping a switch, or otherwise changing the state of some device tied to an auxiliary input on the controller. These devices may be located anywhere in the facility, such as in each classroom.


Entering a special PIN code on a keypad from anywhere in the facility.


Presenting a valid credential twice within 5 seconds to any designated panic reader.


Because of the flexibility of Doors.NET, other triggers are possible via configuration in the software.

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