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I have a customer who is upgrading to a hardwired access control system. On both the front and back door they have existing Alarm Lock DL3500 mortise locks.

Can I integrate the Alarm Lock DL3500 Mortise Locks into the access control system or will I need to install new electric strikes at those doors?



Most Alarm Lock locks have a remote release located inside the battery compartment. Inside the battery compartment you will find two white wires. If you create a momentary closure between those two wires the DL3500 will release. These two remote release wires are disabled as part of Alarm Locks factory settings. To enable the remote input you must access the locks programming mode and enable Function 65. Once enabled you will need to run your wire from the lock back to your Access Control system. You will need to use an electrified hinge or a door cord/loop like the ones we carry by Keedex and Securitron. Once you have your wire back to the panel connect it to the proper relay on your access system. Please note that the remote release on the Alarm Lock unit does not need power, the remote release wires only need a closure between them. You may need to add a protection relay at your card access panel to ensure no power is sent to the DL3500 at the door.

Now that the remote input is enabled you can add other devices; For example, a hardwired remote release button at a reception desk or a wireless remote such as the Alarm Lock Remote Release Trilogy Kit. For further information please contact your local IDN salesperson.

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