Fake Security Cameras: Good Disguise or Bad Choice?

In this day in age, Surveillance Cameras are everywhere. In China, there’s even a pole with a couple dozen cameras posted. Cameras have helped solved crime in many instances such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, and have helped the confusion of apparent robbery attempts only to find out it was a deer crashing through the window.


When a budget is tight, some facility managers may choose a fake security camera instead. And, it can be tempting. Some may think that prominent use of cameras, even fake ones, will deter improper behavior. This could be true, but at a cost. If done on a college or university campus, a fake camera could give students a false sense of security when they assume they are real.

What happens when an incident does happen in front of a fake camera? It could leave the building/organization exposed to legal liability. The same holds true for real cameras that malfunction.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.