Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #3)

We love looking at old doors and old keys, and even love finding new ways to use them. Unique objects are the best though! Thanks to Pinterest, we have some unique ideas below:

Turn an old door into a place to store your coats and shoes. Great feature at the front entrance of your home:

Old Doors 42

Have any old door knobs at your home? Use them in the bathroom to hang your towels.

Old Doors 43

Put a few deadbolts on a piece of wood. Each deadbolt is specific to a set of key rings within the home. When you get home, insert your deadbolt key and voila, your keys are never lost. Add some door knobs for hooks to hang a purse or coat as well.

Old Doors 45

An old door turned into a bench

Old Doors 44

Mold a skeleton key into a ring!

Old Keys 31

A few kid blocks spray painted black to spell “KEYS” and you have a place to hang your keys when you walk in the door. 

Old Keys 32

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