Fire Door with Large Gaps Between Door and Frame



Is there a way to make a fire door with large gaps between the door & frame compliant without replacing the door?



Yes, there are several options available for a fire door with gaps if the door is in good shape. The easiest and most common method is to shim the hinges. The gap between the door & frame should be no greater than 1/8”. Often times, metal hinge shims can be used to tighten up loose gaps on the top & latch side if the gaps are not too large. In the event that the gaps are too large to shim, there are solutions made by Crown Fire Door Protection & NGP. Fire stop with intumescent seal can be applied to the top stop of the frame, or fire door extension kits are available for the top, bottom, & lock edge of both steel & wood fire doors and are often less costly than a new door.


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