Electronic Access Ace with IDN

Choosing hardware on a project takes thought in order to give the client the best service. Also, knowing your product’s best features will give you the best use of your time and resources. A client’s existing access control system often dictates the hardware available for use when choosing a remote access control lock. For example, a request for a specific credential type or the need to integrate the lock through a hardwired network might whittle your selection to just one or two options.

Remote access control door locks are often requested in schools and universities to meet lockdown security protocols without violating building and Fire Life Safety codes. As a result, remote access control is a feature many manufacturers are beginning to design more locks to include. Here’s a few to consider when choosing one:

1) Schlage CO-220 Series
Schlage CO-220 Application

The Schlage CO-220 Series Locks with Remote Fob is an electronic access control lock developed for classroom security. Each lock can program up to 10 fobs and each fob uniquely pairs to a single lock. The CO-220 Series Lock requires no networking and is entirely standalone relying on 4 AA batteries for power.

2) Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD
Alarm Lock DL2700LD

The Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700 with LocDown feature gives school faculty the ability to lock a classroom remotely by keyfob. The DL2700LD allows a select few Manager and Master users ability to disarm a lockdown.

3) BEST Access Shelter Lock
Best Access Shelter

The BEST Access Shelter Lock is an electronic security solution with a remote access locking feature that offers remote lockdown to any variation of one, a specific group or an entire system of door locks by a single keyfob. The BEST Access Shelter Lock can be integrated into access control systems and first-responder notification or alarm systems.

4) Sargent Profile v.G1.5 Lock with RF Fob
Sargent Profile Series v.G1.5

The Sargent Profile v.G1.5 Lock with RF Fob is a remote access control solution designed for classroom security. Each door lock can be accessed via RF fob remotely from up to 35 to 75 feet on inside of door and 10 to 25 feet on outside of door*. Aside from keyed access, the v.G1.5 offers an additional credential and dual-credential access to integrate with the access control system in place or intended.*Operating distance may vary depending on building construction

For any questions on which electronic access control solution best fits your site, call your local IDN branch to speak with an expert.