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Is there a frame that can adjust to fit multiple wall thicknesses?



Surface vertical rods, specifically the bottom rod, is very often a reoccurring failure point for a fire door. Damage from carts to the bottom rod and floor strikes constantly being filled with debris and floor wax cause many latching related deficiencies. When door are replace they are often configured Less Bottom rod or “LBR”. This specific configuration eliminates the bottom rod and adds a spring loaded, temperature released bolt known as a fire pin. This configuration however, must be designed tested and approved by the hardware manufacturer. Simply removing the bottom rod and installing a fire pin is not an approved repair. For existing installations Von Duprin offers a retro fit that must be used when removing a bottom rod. The kit provides a fire pin, new return spring, new strikes as well as 2 “Strike Hooks” that install on the door just above the latches. The old 299F strike must be removed and replaced with the 499F strike. This same retro fit kit can also be used for concealed rods and also requires a rod adjustment procedure outlined in the included instructions.


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