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Locksmiths, this is an article for you!

The “big box” brands have the marketing muscle to both create and dominate most of the noise in the consumer marketplace – be it stores, restaurants or services. Smaller or emerging merchants might be intimidated by today’s business landscape, especially when considering they don’t have the resources to outspend larger, more established brands in marketing, or provide rock bottom prices.

How are small merchants, like local Locksmiths, expected to draw customers to their local, independent locations? Access to digital tools, community ties and the ability to be nimble and flexible are just a few advantages that small merchants have to attract more customers to their business.

 Some Tips for Success:

  • Take advantage of free or low cost digital tools to grow your business. Determine the platforms that are right for your particular industry and customer demographic and devote the time and resources necessary to grow your presence.
  • Stay flexible. The ability to act quickly and adapt to community or national events and trends is one of your greatest advantages over the national brands.
  • Keep your pulse on local preferences. As a member of the community in which your small business is located, you are in an ideal position to accommodate neighborhood preferences and leanings in a way that a national brand can’t compete with.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to your customers, rather than waiting for them to come to you. Today’s consumers expect brands to cater to their preferences and digital tools have allowed small merchants the mobile capabilities to take their business on the road, whether that be to a fair or festival, someone’s home or to a virtual location online.

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