The Glynn-Johnson HL6 Series Push/Pull Latch are ideal hardware for health and institutional facilities. The HL6 Series Push/Pull Latches are versatile and durable to accommodate doors in multiple mounting options and models designed for doors up to 1-3/4″, including fire doors.

Applications for the HL6 Series Push/Pull Latches include Hospitals and Senior Living settings where hands may not be free to open doors.

Glynn-Johnson HL6 Series


  • Non-handed
  • Variable mounting positions
  • No fusible link to fail
  • UL listed for all single labeled metal or wood doors


Six mounting positions:

  • Increases versatility
  • Suits a wide range of applications
  • Mounts in any of six positions:
    • Handles down
    • Handles up
    • One handle up, one handle down (either push or pull)
    • Handles point away from latch
    • Handles point toward latch

Four backset sizes:

  • 2-3⁄4″
  • 3-3⁄4″
  • 5″
  • 7″

Two strike sizes:

  • Standard – 2-3⁄4″
  • ASA – 4-7 ⁄8″

Seven options:

  • B—Brass base material for US26D finish
  • E—Engraved handles – “push” and “pull”
  • EN—Entrance only latch
  • EO—Exit only latch
  • L—Lead lined
  • RL—Roller latch conversion kit
  • SOC—Pin-in-socket security screws

To place your order for a Glynn-Johnson HL6 Series Push/Pull Latch or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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