There are a lot of very good, qualified, and trustworthy locksmiths in this world. It is unfortunate that there are also scammers who bring a bad experience to a trusting industry.

A locksmith in Virginia (we are not going to post the company name without permission) has filed a lawsuit against Google for damages to his business. The con artist in this locksmiths area would use a bait and switch method, which is illegal just as itself. The con artist in typical scammer locksmith fashion would quote a low price for a job and then on-site raise the price of the job hundreds of dollars. Drilling out a lock that could have been picked, cutting or chopping open a commercial safe and then claiming to return to fix the safe after being paid, etc.

It seems the lawsuit brought on from this Virginia area Locksmith has started to bring to light the issues that Google is causing because it seems that Google has removed all con artist locksmiths from the area. The map is what it looks like now, after Google has removed the area, where the red dots indicate the locksmiths.


By contrast, this is a map of Atlanta, where the red dots show an influx of “locksmiths” in the area. Sadly, there are legitimate locksmiths within the red dots who may be losing business to the con artist locksmiths.


Prior to the lawsuit, the Virginia area showed over 800 locksmith locations when, in reality, roughly 40 were real licensed locksmiths.

Congratulations to the Virginia area for shedding light on this to Google and getting these removed. Unfortunately, it needs to happen across the nation.


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