An excerpt from The Hartford Courant

How do you ensure safety within a school while maintaining a budget? After the Sandy Hook tragedy, many schools are taking this exact question into consideration.

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Ensuring Safety within a Budget

An armed officer at the door of every school — an idea some see as an essential response to the horrific Newtown tragedy — is proving to be a complicated and costly proposition as towns across Connecticut consider how best to ensure their students’ safety.

Even in Newtown, where officials decided to hire school resource officers for their elementary schools, some are questioning whether the policy is appropriate.

“I am concerned that our focus on making our schools safe from the outside through the use of police officers and security guards is communicating to those inside that we are in danger, that the only way that we are safe in the school is to be protected by a person with a gun,” Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra told a school security conference in Hartford recently.

In the months since the Dec. 14 massacre, municipal and school officials throughout the state — forced to consider if their schools are equipped to respond to a shooting — have debated various measures to improve safety. Proposals range from adding panic buttons to arming guards, the latter drawing controversy for fiscal and philosophical reasons.

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