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Locksmiths – Spread the word! A great idea to publish in your own local newspaper. Let’s stop the fake and fraudulent locksmiths who are tarnishing the honest and hardworking locksmiths in the industry.

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Chula Vista Locksmith Reports on Scam Identification Tips and How to Choose a Licensed Locksmith Professional

Choosing a locksmith should not be a carefree task. In order to hire a professional with the utmost integrity, a thorough interview should be conducted and it is in good practice to find a few likely candidates before you need to hire a locksmith. “Hiring a locksmith is not something most people plan for. Keeping this in mind, find some qualified candidates and interview them as though you want to actually hire them. This is a great way to select the best possible locksmith,” reports David’s Lock & Key Owner David Buckingham.

During the initial call, a quote should be given over the phone. Never except services that require quotes to be given after the locksmith drives out to your location where their services will be rendered. “Any professional locksmith should be able to quote jobs over the phone. If it is a complicated job, the locksmith should be able to explain why and give an estimate of how much extra the service will cost,” David Buckingham said. Locksmiths have been known to over charge for services and even make up problems or over complicate jobs in order to charge more for their services. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you is to get the quote over the phone and to have that quote in writing when they drive out to you.

Locksmiths should also be asked to present their license number before the services are rendered. If the Locksmith doesn’t have a license, or provides excuses as to why they can’t give out that information, don’t hire the company. “A professional locksmith will have a license number that they can present to their customer no questions asked. If the locksmith doesn’t have one, they have not been registered by the state. There is a growing problem of locksmiths who are uncertified but still work in the industry,” David Buckingham continues.

David’s Lock & Key is a professional locksmith company in Chula Vista ca, with over five years experience in the industry. David Buckingham, owner and operator of David’s Lock & Key, is licensed and has undergone his apprenticeship. When choosing a locksmith, make sure to select only certified professionals.