An article on Forbes was titled “Be A Great Leader: How To Coach A Winning Team” and it had some great advice. Sometimes we get so routine in our days that we forget to help improve our technicians/staff/employees. Being an owner of a shop is one thing, but being a great boss and a great leader while also an owner is really what you should strive for. Imagine a company where employees take personal responsibility: Where people get the job done in the best way possible. Sounds great, right?

Team Morale and Guidance

How do you keep your team moving forward and not backward?

Keep the Startup Mentality
When you first started the company, think back tot he exhilaration of responsibility.

While you want to implement procedures and processes so things do not go awry, you also don’t want rules to become a straitjacket. Encourage the culture of supporting employees rather than dictate what they have to do.

No, not of a football team, but a coach of your own work team: your employees. The idea that you can hand responsibility for problem-solving and results to individuals can be scary. No one really likes to relinquish control, especially when you are being held accountable for the bottom line.  

Don’t Over-Structure
When coaching, the goal is getting people to set their own personal goals. When they do that, they automatically buy into their success. Everyone in the company needs to experience their own “eureka” moment, and as often as possible. Setting too rigid boundaries and rules won’t allow the eureka moments. Some structure is  necessary for the company to thrive, but it’s important not to over-structure the work itself.

From the time when we are old enough to interact with our surrounds, we gain satisfaction from not only learning, but also succeeding. When work starts giving us all the answers, it goes against our natural states of learning, creativity, and problem-solving. 

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