In this industry, staying on top of the ever changing dynamics of the security world is critical to a locksmith. Is there a new keyway introduced? You will need to know. Is there a new product hot on the market? You will need to know.

At IDN, Inc., our extensive product knowledge and team of experts are here to help you through any issue at hand. If you purchase a product that is in the access control market, for example, and need help wiring the product on the job site, we are here to walk you through this process to get the job done right.

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Sometimes, you can continue your education at your desk. Our valued vendors are creating videos often and sharing these with us. Today we will show the HPC YouTube Channel, called HPC Movies, where they have posted instructional “How To” videos related to their products.

Check out the YouTube videos to learn how to open a car door using the HPC Fish Hook, or if you need help on Code Cutting Keys with the HPC Tiger SHARK there’s a video for that.

If you need help, we are a phone call away! Contact your local IDN-Branch to place your order and let our technical experts help you find the right product for the job.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.