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Ditec Entrematic’s (previously Hunter Automatics) HA Low Energy Swing Operator has a reputation as a heavy-duty door swing that’s as quiet as it is easy to install. The HA Low Energy Swing Operator comes in a wide variety of door type combinations and is made to be integrated into building access and security systems.

The Ditec HA-8 Low Energy Swing Operator is ADA Compliant, and eliminates the need for external stops since it incorporates a concealed heavy duty adjustable door stop. Because of the adjustable heavy-duty spring, the operator can be used on heavier doors in windy conditions. It’s ideal for industrial, commercials, hospitals, office, retail, schools and universities.

Ditec Low Energy Power Door Operator Wired HA


  • ANSI A156.19 – for ADA – low energy swinging doors
  • ANSI A117.1 Safety Code, Section 404.3 requirements
  • ADA law section 4.13.12


Model Hunter HA-8
Dimensions 4-1/2”(W) x 6-1/2”(H) x 39” (L standard)
Weight Approx 45lbs
Power supply 115±5V AC, 60Hz, 3A
Motor 1/5 hp, 24V DC, 3A
Rated operation Continuous opening and closing cycles
Manual door opening/
closing force during power failure
30 lbs.
Door opening/closing speed Adjustable
Door opening/closing force Adjustable


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