The Ilco® Bravo III with EZ-Jaw® meets the needs of any locksmith who needs a key duplication machine capable of clean, accurate cuts for cylinder and automotive key blanks, as well as Titan® and older GM® with 90 degree first cut bitting characteristics. The Bravo III features EZ-Jaw four-position vise jaws with exceptional key gripping ability.

Equipped with the CU50A cutter, a durable cobalt steel cutter, and a cutting guide, the Bravo III is designed for precise key cutting and duplication. Applications include onsite key duplication for Industrial Facilities and Property Management.

Ilco® Bravo III with EZ-Jaw®


  • Wide spacing between vise jaws accommodates longer keys and those with large heads.
  • Versatile four-position EZ-Jaw® vise jaws securely grip virtually all residential, commercial, and automotive keys, including double-sided types, without requiring adapters. Designed with the user in mind, they can quickly be rotated from one clamping position to another without lifting first.
  • Carriage is spring loaded, provides consistent cutting pressure, and reduces potential for miscuts.
  • Automatic cutter start feature controlled by micro-switch is activated by raising or lowering the carriage.
  • Precise adjustments. A tracer point with micrometer dial regulation makes it quick and easy to adjust depth of cut; simple to replace when worn.
  • Carriage release button can only be activated when the key gauges are in the down position, preventing potential cutter contact.
  • Two carriage shafts ensure sensitivity and precision in the cutting movement.
  • Features a “soft-touch” deburring nylon brush.


Motor: 110V standard; 1⁄ 4 hp capacitor start
Vise Jaws: EZ-Jaw®
Cutter: CU50A milling cutter, flat left side, cobalt steel
Brush: D925102ZR
Dimensions: 15”W x 20” D x 10” H (38cm x 51cm x 25cm)
Weight: 47 lbs. (21.4kg)

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