Ilco Smart4Car is a unique remote that, once programmed, duplicates the functionality of the original key. It features a 4 button function (Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, Panic) and consists of two (2) physical key types; a modular head and a flip style, both with integrated RKE functions.  This line also includes one (1) RKE FOB.  Each of these remotes feature a 4-button function; lock, unlock, trunk release, and panic.

The Smart Remote Programmer pre-sets an automotive remote with the vehicle information needed to program the remote to the vehicle.

Ilco Smart4Car


  • Broad vehicle coverage with low inventory: over 450 vehicles can be programmed with only 7 remotes, (coverage will continue to expand over time).
  • Quality duplicates at a fraction of the cost of an original key replacement.
  • Two remote style heads/housings available: modular head and flip housing
  • One RKE FOB.
  • Ilco quality key blades and innovative transponders: modular head remote is compatible with the Ilco Modular System blades (22) while the flip key is compatible with Ilco flip key blades (33).
  • Organized inventory: clamshell package contains each remote and features identification information.
  • Certified: FCC, IC and CE
  • Fast, easy programming: Smart Remote Programmer takes vehicle data via the dedicated software via a PC or mobile device and writes (pre-sets) this to the remote in just seconds.
  • Smart Programmer PC software may be downloaded below
  • App for mobile devices is available in the Google Play store (Android devices) and the APP Store (iOS devices).

Handy tools for modular head and flip housing keys make quick and easy assembly/disassembly without damaging key components.
Assembly/Disassembly Tools

Smart Remote Programmer Specifications:

Technical Data
Power Supply: USB Cable connection or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Input voltage: 6V
Input power: 0.9W
Input current: 150mA
Antenna Field Frequency: NFC antenna: 13.56 MHz
Bluetooth antenna: 2.45 GHz
Dimensions (Remote Programmer)
Depth: 3.3″ (84 mm)
Width: 5.7″ (145 mm)
Height: 1.2″ (30 mm)
Weight: 0.4 lbs. (0.181 kg)

To place an order for an Ilco Smart4Car™ Remote Programmer or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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