Locksmiths, when the phrase “Company Branding” comes up, do you think “This doesn’t apply to me?” If so, think again. If you own a company, branding your company is very important, especially in the Locksmith Industry where there are unfortunate incidents occurring related to fraudulent locksmiths.

Branding reflects everything you do including your logo, website, letterhead, business card, invoices, truck decals, shop signs, and more. Consistent branding is very important. It’s the image you portray to the end user. It’s the image the end user remembers when doing business with you.

Marketing Your Locksmith Business With Great Business Cards

An excerpt from MarketingProfs

Company branding that is not 100% consistent could be losing you money. However, it’s something that could easily be put right with the help of brand-management software.
Here are a few tips to prevent the worst mistakes that attribute to the loss of brand identity.

Make sure company colors, logos, and images remain the same. Multimillion dollar companies do not become such by changing their branding—they stick with it. Take Coca-Cola, for instance. You will never see them changing their colors. The red that adorns every drink, billboard, and TV campaign makes Coca-Cola familiar to consumers. Businesses that use software with digital asset management can easily share all approved logos, images, and documents, and help improve consistency within the brand.

Do not create bland marketing documents with no brand identity. Use your documents to really sell your brand. Insert logos, the right typeface, and images. By using Web-to-print software templates, businesses quickly can perform these time-consuming tasks and create documents that can be saved and edited.

Put a system in place that unites the whole company. Whether a company has locations throughout one country or the world, the brand needs to remain constant. It is easy for different strands of the same brand to be loosely related, but by having a definite link, the familiarity factor suddenly goes global. By having Web-based software, the brand database of accepted material can be accessed from anywhere and unite a company’s products throughout the world.

Do not completely limit access to brand material. Doing that will only waste valuable time as authorization will have to be given for the use of brand logos, images, and documents. That could also lead to the scrapping of official brand material to avoid the lengthy authorization process. With brand-management software, different levels of accounts can be set up, so employees have all the tools to create documents that incorporate the company branding but cannot access anything not relevant or needed for their position.

By following the above guidelines and investing in brand-management software, the value of your business can increase by 20% or even higher. In brand management, such simple changes as investing in software can mean a world of difference to the growth and future of your company.