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What is an inexpensive remote lockdown lock for a facility?



One of the most popular Trilogy locks available, the DL2700LD. This lock, is part of Alarm Locks School Security Solutions. This lock has the capability of a “local” lockdown and has a wireless remote release built in. The DL2700LD has a new battery cover with an LED light bar that flashes red when the unit is in lockdown.

The 4 button remote, that is included, can be programmed into 4 different locks at the same time for remote release (remote receivers will be needed for non lockdown models). Also, a “lockdown” of up to 4 DL2700LD locks within range can occur with a simple pressing of 2 buttons. The 4 button remote may be used as a momentary release or changed to a “passage toggle” function. While in lockdown, only the “Master code” and “managers codes” will open the door, locking out all basic users. The lock also has the option to have a audible “Chirp” sound for 30 seconds during lockdown. As you can see this lock has a lot of features in a small package. Give your local IDN sales representative a call today to hear more about it. IDN stocks this, use EZ# 109141



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