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IP-Based, Power Over Ethernet (PoE), Access Control

Introducing the IP-based access control is a fully-integrated, highly scalable system, by Infinias. Leveraging existing network infrastructure, the edge-based controller connects to the closest network switch via a single Cat-5 cable. PoE carries data and power for the controller and peripheral door hardware. Intelli-M Access browser-based software supports unlimited door licensing, and centralized management and administrative maintenance. The system is suitable for both new and replacement installations, and for virtually any application—from single-door to multi-door, multi-site systems.

Infinias Power Over Ethernet PoE


  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) carries both data and power for the controller and peripheral door hardware
  • Peer-to-Peer Communication keeps data flowing even if a server connection is interrupted
  • Small Form Factor for installation in tight spaces easy
  • 3-State Alarm Monitoring for Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Trouble (either cut or short)
  • Anti-Passback
  • 16,000 Local Event Buffering
  • 2 Reader Ports support proximity readers with or without keypads, or any logic device (such as an Egress Button or REX Device) that provides a combination of control of both entrance and exit for a single door.
  • Supports DHCP and Static IP addresses
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit Encryption
  • Embedded Web Server provides complete control of the device without the need for a server for stand-alone doors.
  • Integrated, Non-mechanical, Infrared Tamper Sensor for high reliability and precision.
  • Built-in Warning Buzzer provides a local alarm without requiring an external alarm device.


  • 2 Readers, 1 Door
  • Cards: 8,000 in Web Mode 5,000 with Supervisor Plus 30,000 with Intelli-M Access
  • History: 16,000 transactions (web mode)
  • Power: Direct from PoE switch external power supply (24V DC, 1 Amp)
  • Communication: Ethernet, 10Base-T
  • Max Distance: 100 m (328 ft)
  • Switch: Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6
  • Readers Power: 12V DC at 250 mA per reader
  • Readers Types: Wiegand format
  • Readers Wire: 6 Conductor, 500 ft
  • Inputs 1-4: Configurable inputs, contact closure or transistor-transistor logic (TTL), with optional end of line resistor (EOLR) supervision
  • Inputs Tamper: Integrated infrared tamper
  • Inputs Wire: 2 conductor, 2,000 ft
  • Outputs 1 & 2: Open collector outputs with electronic overload protection (max 450 mA at 12V DC)
  • Outputs 3: Form C, SPDT relay output with configurable intitial state (max 5 A at 30V DC)
  • Outputs 4: Built-in warning buzzer or alarm tone generator (max 80 dB)
  • Outputs Reader: LED output, Buzzer output
  • Outputs Wire: 2 conductor, 2,000 ft
  • Physical Dimensions: 1.30”D x 1.70”W x 2.82”H
  • Physical Unit Weight: 3.75 oz
  • Operating Temp: 32º to 120ºF (0º tp 49ºC)
  • Storage Temp: -40º to 150ºF (-40º tp 66ºC)
  • Humidity: 0% to 85% relative, noncondensing
  • CE, Class 1
  • FCC part 15, Class
  • UL 294 Listed, Security Mark
  • The maximum total of all output power from the eIDC is 750 mA
  • The maximum output to either reader is 250 m
  • The maximum output from the combined open collectors is whichever of the following is less: 450 mA or 750 mA less the sum of the readers.


To place your order for an Infinias eIDC32 Door Controller or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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