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I have an apartment building with 50 tenants, the customer wants to add an intercom and remote access control release at the main entry.  The building is very old and it’s impossible to run wire to all the apartments without damaging the walls and ceilings.  What can I do to help this customer?



Linear IntercomA commercial telephone entry system would work great in this situation.  If you can get power and a phone line to the door in question, you can have a full intercom system throughout the complex without running wires to each individual unit.

The AE-100 by Linear would be perfect for your situation.  It uses a phone line to call the residents on their landline or cellphone. After the resident speaks to the visitor at the door they can grant access right from their phone.  The AE-100 can be used in a lobby or outside. Surface, recessed, and pedestal mounting options are supported.  The AE-100 is powered from a 16V AC plug-in transformer and even has battery back-up in case of a power outage.  If they ever want to add another door they can install up to four units on the same phone line.  You can program the unit on site or remotely with a touch tone phone.  With ease of installation and no damage to the site trying to run wires, your customer will be very pleased.


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