In the Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series Electronic Pushbutton Deadbolt exists an electronic access control solution providing exterior access security while allowing free egress without the need to keep tally on a complex key system. The Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series can easily be retrofitted to any existing deadbolt at a point of access. Each E-Plex can be programmed from the lock without the need to remove the lock itself.

Applications for the Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series Electronic Pushbutton Deadbolt include exterior functions in Industrial Facilities, Multi-Family Housing, and Property Management.

Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series Deadbolt


No Wires: Requires no wiring to or through the door—eliminates risk of damage from pinched wires that can result in costly callbacks
Locking Device Options: Mechanical 1″ throw deadbolt
Number of Codes: Multiple Users—100 Codes
Audit Trail: The most recent 1,000 lock events are recorded in memory, including the use of mechanical key override. Software is required to view audit events.
Programming: Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door or with optional Microsoft Excel-based software
Key Override: Kaba 1539 6-pin cylinder; Schlage “C” Keyway
Operation Modes:
  • PIN access
  • Passage—can be toggled on/off or can be pre-programmed to re-lock after a certain number of hours
  • Lockout
Authority Levels (5): Authority levels allow who has access to specific lock operations, including:

  • Master
  • Manager
  • Service User (one-time access or “come-and-go” access for 1 to 24 hours)
  • Access User
  • Maintenance Unit User
User Parameters:
  • Code length–adjustable to accept 4 to 8 digits
  • Anti-tamper lockout—adjustable from 3 to 9 invalid attempts with an
  • adjustable period of 0 to 90 seconds
  • Re-lock time—adjustable from 2 to 20 seconds


Construction: Heavy-duty Grade 2 lockset, solid brass cast exterior housing with deadbolt, metal pushbuttons
Backsets: Adjustable 2⅜” (60 mm) or 2¾” (70 mm)
Minimum Stile Recommended: 4″ (102 mm)
Door Preparation: ASA 161—easily installs on door preparation with one additional through bore hole; wood or metal doors
Door Thickness: 1-3/8” (41 mm) to 2″ (50 mm)
Fire Rating: Meets UL 10C on fire-rated doors up to and including three hours UL fire-rated deadbolt
Durability: BHMA 156.36, Grade 2; meets requirements of ANSI A156.25 for dust, rain, humidity, and salt spray corrosion tests
Environmental: Outside and inside housing; -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)
Warranty: Two-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in lock memory
Standard Finishes:
  • Satin Chrome 26D (626) housings and levers
Optional Finishes:
  • Bright Brass 03 (605) housings and levers
  • Dark Bronze 744 (10B)

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