Why Consider Kaba’s E-Plex Wireless System

Many locksmiths may or may not embrace a wireless access control system, often thinking it’s not for them. The E-Plex Enterprise System offered by Kaba Access Control is the best way to transition out of the comfort zone.

Maybe you haven’t moved over because you like your comfort zone, or maybe you haven’t because you don’t want to expand beyond the mechanical lock and key. If you are not moving for these reasons, it is your choice on how you want to run your business, however, to stay on top of the ever changing ways of this industry, learning about this product is needed.

Kaba Wireless Access Control System


  • Eliminates visiting doors for updates
  • Real-time notification of events (6 second poll)
  • Lock down all locks in less than 10 seconds if an emergency arises
  • Dashboard for a pictorial of performance and events
  • Broad credential support: PIN, PROX, and smart cards
  • Up to 100 locks with one USB connection of scalable to 10,000 locks with network
  • Mesh network for redundancy
  • Compatible with existing Wi-Fi
  • Operates both online and stand alone products at the same time
  • Lockdown can take place at the door or at the computer
  • BHMA Grade 1 Certified Locks
  • Field Upgrade kits are available for locks
  • High battery life (120,000 – 180,000 cycles)
  • Locks are for indoor or outdoor use
  • Emergency key override available

This new lock, which includes a wireless option, is located on the Kaba Van (Which if you have not seen yet, you need to see this!). It offers the locksmith the opportunity to keep business that they may have lost because they gave the business to security dealers or integrators. Wireless gives the locksmith the opportunity to offer more access points at less cost to their customers.

Kaba Wireless Software

Consider that a typical wired door requires a wall reader, electromechanical hardware to physically secure the door, a power source, door panel, and wiring to connect everything from the door or wall to the panel and central computer/network. The E-Plex Wireless System, not only is all of the requirements contained inside the electromechanical lock, but it is easy to install as well.

Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.

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