When you need to outfit a multi-family housing building, a healthcare facility, or a school without the time and cost associated with a master key control system, the Kaba E2000 Series Electronic Pushbutton Lock is an electronic access control security solution that doesn’t come with the fuss of wiring through doors. The ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 and UL10C listed E2000 Series is an ideal pushbutton locks to meet requirements of industry building standards.



  • Non-handed, Pre-assembled for left-hand door installations
  • No wires required for installation
  • Lock is easily programmed via keypad or with optional Microsoft Excel-based software
  • Programmable for unlocked entry over a period of time.
  • ADA compliant
  • Indoor/Outdoor approved; -31 °F (-35 °C) to 151 °F (66 °C)
  • 3-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in lock memory


  • Key Override:
    • Key-in-Lever cylinder in Schlage C Keyway with black Kaba cap
    • Small format—Best and equivalent (6 or 7-pin length)
  • Audit Trail:
    • 1,000 recorded events including mechanical key overrides
  • Door Preparation:
    • Cylindrical and Exit Trim—ASA 161 (easily installs on door preparation with three additional through bore holes; wood or metal doors)
    • Mortise—ASA 86 door preparation with three additional through bore holes
  • Door Thickness:
    • Cylindrical Model: 1⅜” (35 mm) to 2½” (64 mm); pre-assembled to accommodate doors 1⅝” (41 mm) to 2″ (50 mm)
    • Exit Trim and Mortise Models: 1¾” (44 mm) to 2¼” (57 mm); pre-assembled to accommodate doors 1¾” (44 mm) to 2⅛” (54 mm)
  • Cylindrical:
    • Cylindrical latch with 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating
  • Rim Exit Device:
    • Compatible with most leading brands of Exit Devices
    • Exit Device and mounting hardware not included
  • Multiple User Authority Levels:
    • Master Level — performs all set-up and programming functions
    • Manager Level — administers common programming functions
    • Access User Level — entry granted with valid PIN
    • Service Level — codes for single event or single day access, programmable in advance
    • Maintenance Level — no access is granted, information can be uploaded/downloaded to/from the lock
  • American Standard Mortise:
    • With 1¼” (32 mm) face plate
    • With and without deadbolt
    • Auto deadbolt also available
  • Backset:
    • Cylindrical: 2¾” (70 mm) backset, 2⅜” (60 mm) backset
    • Mortise: 2¾” (70 mm) backset
    • Exit Trim Model: Varies by Exit Device
  • Latches:
    • Cylindrical Models: ½” (13 mm) throw latch, ¾” (19 mm) throw latch (optional)
    • Mortise Models: ¾” (19 mm) latch, 1″ (25 mm) deadbolt (optional)

Kaba E2000 Electronic Pushbutton Door Lock – How to Change the Master User Access Code

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