When discussing KABA Multi-Housing InSync D Units, what’s the difference between a Unit Configuration and a Suite Configuration?

Kaba InSync D Deadbolt with Radio Frequency

On the Kaba InSynch, the unit configuration provides operational functionality for individual entry doors. Rotation of the inside thumb-turn or the inserted RFID key extends or retracts the 1″ dead bolt locking or unlocking the door. In the locked position only duplicate resident and authorized service keys can access the lock. Unit locks are programmed with one resident code (change key). Each key made with one resident code can have up to 64 unique identity codes.

The suite configuration was designed to allow access to multiple residents who have the need to access individual unit doors behind the suite door. D suite locks require the resident to throw the dead bolt using the thumb-turn or by rotating the RF key in the lock after ingress or egress to relock the door. Suite locks can recognize up to 20 resident codes.

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