The Kaba Mas Auditcon 2 Safe Locks are ideal safe locks for scenarios where high security electronic locks and an audit trail are significant factors. Applications for the Kaba Mas Auditcon 2 Safe Locks include a variety of markets including retail, commercial and industrial building security.

Kaba Mas Auditcon 2 Safe Lock


Improved Self-Powered Technology Auditcon 2 Series locks utilize a faster version of our PowerStar technology. This technology eliminates lockouts due to dead batteries or facility power failures.
Battery Assist The Battery Assist option uses a 9-volt alkaline battery to supply power during Time Delay or Open Window operations. The Battery Assist feature also provides additional power for lengthy lock operations.
Uploadable Programming Certain data can be defined at the PC using Auditcon 2 Series software and then uploaded (transferred) to the lock via a Smart Key.
Access Control Models 52 & T52 have a unique user-selected 6-digit combination. Models 252 and 552 have an 8-digit combination which includes a 2-digit user ID and a 6-digit user-selected PIN.
Audit Trail (252/552) The user’s ID is recorded every time a function is performed on the lock, deterring internal theft by providing absolute reliability.
Touch Key Number Pad Perform all functions and programming of the lock from the keypad.
Wrong Try Lock-out Five consecutive wrong combination entries triggers a three minute penalty lockout.
Economical Retrofit Simple and affordable retrofitting made possible by a standard footprint lock case.
Time Delay (T52/252/552) Optionally programmed 1-99 minute time delay deters potential intruders not willing to risk the wait.
Time Delay Display (T52/252/552) An optionally purchased LCD Unit prominently displays the time, informing the user when access will be granted.
Dual Mode Optionally programmed mode that provides absolute accountability by requiring the entry of two separate user combinations when opening the lock.
Silent Duress Alarm Connection (252/552) Safely lets employees comply with intruder’s demands while alerting authorities.
Time Saving Operation Mechanical combination locks can take as much as 40 seconds or longer to open. Auditcon 2 Series locks can be opened in just a few seconds by an authorized user.
Choice of Bolt The “slide bolt” and the “swing bolt” automatically lock when the safe handle is closed. The standard “dead bolt” functions like a traditional dial lock with manual bolt retraction/extension.
Installation & Service Installation and service have been simplified with the introduction of a new field-replaceable cable with Picoflex connector. Our Auditcon Parts Program will help you identify and order only the parts you need.
Applications Businesses that require multiple employee access, have several locations, absentee ownership or high employee turnover, are ideal for Auditcon locks. Auditcon can secure safes, containers, vaults and restricted areas for:

  • Restaurants
  • Ticket box offices
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Department stores
  • Drug stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Banks & credit unions
  • Hospitals
  • Police stations
  • Data processing centers
  • Casinos

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