When you need a General Service Administration (GSA) approved high security lock, the Kaba Mas X-10™ High Security Lock meets federal specification FF-L-2740B— the US government’s highest security standard for container locks and doors. The Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Lock is approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets and Class 5 security vault doors.

Applications for the Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Lock include any security measure federal regulations may require a GSA-approved lock often the case in government facilities.

Kaba Mas X-10 High Security LockFeatures:

  • Power:
    • The X-10 is self-powered using Kaba Mas’ exclusive “Green” Rotational electromagnetical PowerStar™ technology.
    • Rotating the dial in either direction provides all the power necessary to enter the combination and review audit features.
  • Combinations – Three Modes:
    • Single: 1 million combinations
    • Dual: 500 billion combinations
    • Supervisor/Subordinate: 2 million combinations
  • Direct Dial:
    • No need to clear before entering combination.
    • Once you stop turning the dial, the power will shut down after 40 seconds.
  • Memory: Non-volatile
  • LCD (Backlit): Limited View Backlit Liquid Crystal Display with visual controls makes dialing easy and exact.
  • Combination Changes:
    • LCD indicator in change key mode.
    • Combination changed with correct combination or serial number.
  • Random Number View: True Scramble
  • Daylocking: No
  • Back Dialing: No
  • Lock Reset: Automatic when bolt is thrown or 40 seconds after turning has stopped.
  • Manipulation: . Meets all requirements of FF-L 2740B. Resists opening through manipulation for 20 man-hours.
  • Audit: The X-10 records all openings, and the record is non-resettable. The X-10 records unsuccessful attempts after 3 incorrect combination attempts and resets after a correct opening.
  • Wrong Try Penalty: 10-14 errors results in a 3-minute timeout. 15 errors or greater results in a 4-minute timeout. Both error count and penalty time resets with valid combination.

Performance Features:

  • Temperature: Tested -10°F to 155°F Operational Range.
  • Salt Spray: Operational after 72 hours of continuous exposure (per UL 768 Salt Spray Conversion Test).
  • Cycle Test: Meets or exceeds FF-L-2740B specifications.
  • Humidity: Operational after 10 days of 140°F @ 98% humidity (Operational after 10 days testing per MIL-STD-810E, Method 507.3, Procedure III, Temperature Cycling 86°F to 140°F @ 98% RH).
  • Stress: Operational after 7 days in a stress chamber @ 194°F (per UL 768 Aging Stress Distortion Test).
  • Vibration: MIL-STD-810
  • Shock: MIL-STD-901
  • Electrical Discharge: 250KV on Dial
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: Meets FF-L-2740B specification for simulation of high altitude nuclear blast.
  • Case & Bolt Strength: 600 lbs in two directions.

To place your order for Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Locks or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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