“Multi-Housing” is often discussed, but really – what is it?  A building or “campus” with multiple living quarters. This could mean rental apartments, condominiums, senior living facilities, and even military buildings.


IDN, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Kaba Multi Housing products with Kaba inventory across all branches. From Keycard to RFID to Pushbutton solutions, IDN is your source for Kaba Access Control products with inventory including, but not limited to:

Kaba Rezshield 79-Series Contactless Lock

RFID Locks:

  • Rezshield and 79 Lock Series (RFID Contactless Electronic Lock Series, Shown Above)
  • InSync C (Stand-alone battery-operated door locks, or hard-wired AC/DC electrically powered devices)
  • InSync D (Deadbolts, Shown Below)
  • InSync L (Cylindrical Latch)
  • InSync I (Cylindrical Latch with 1″ Deadbolt)
  • InSync M (Mortise Lock)
  • System 6000 (Security of an access audit system, key management flexibility, and control)

Kaba InSync D Deadbolt with Radio Frequency

For more information, the Security Solutions offers a variety of product solutions for various markets where Kaba Multi-Housing Products are featured including the Security Solutions for Multi-Family Housing.


Have questions, or need a quote? Allow our panel of experts to help you find the right Kaba Product for the job. Contact your local branch for details.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.