How often, in a day, are you asked to re-key a lock or duplicate a key? Probably a lot, especially if it’s a busy day for you and your business.

Locksmiths Can Do a Lot of Things

What happens if it’s a re-key or duplication job for a commercial building? Do you ever ask about the key blank trail that is out there? How long since the last re-key of the doors, or who exactly has keys to the building?

Recently, a school district lost the Grand Master Key to the entire district schools. Lucky for the school, 4 days later it surfaced. But, what if it hadn’t? As the locksmith, do you pose these questions to the person in charge?

What happens when the person in charge of the key maintenance at a commercial building(s) retires, resigns, or is terminated? How many keys were erroneously cut, how many are still out there, where’s the Master Key, do they still work? Lots of questions!

Sometimes posing the questions to the building owner or person in charge will perk up eyebrows to a thought they never considered before, and a bigger job for you has been created.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.