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I don’t understand the differences between key cards. Can you explain the differences?



Think of a key card like you do with keyways. All key cards have a specific type of technology on the key card. Just like a Kwikset key will not go in a Schlage cylinder, a Proximity 125KHZ will not read on a reader that will only read Iclass/Smartcard 13.56 MHZ technology. Some readers can read multi-technologies.
Below are some examples of the different type of card technologies.

  1. Proximity 125KHZ
  2. Iclass/Smartcard 13.56 MHZ
  3. Mifare
  4. Magstripe

Those are just a few examples of different technologies, and some cards have dual technologies. When ordering a reader, you need to make sure that your reader can read the same type of technology that is on the key card supplied.


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