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Key cloning is made into an easy and versatile function with the Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini. Cloning keys are as easy as connecting the 884 Decryptor Mini to interface with a Internet ready Android smartphone, desktop computer via USB cable and downloadable software, or an app. The 884 Decryptor Mini is a low-energy consumption device and is powered over its USB connection.

Keyline Mini 884 Decryptor

Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini

Technical Features

Power supply: 5V
External connections: USB
Absorption: 500mA
Dimensions: Width: 120 mm (4.7″) / Depth: 100 mm (3.9″)/ Height: 90 mm  (3.5″)
Weight: 200 gr (0.44 lbs.)
Connectivity: USB


Transponder* cloning:
Texas® fixed code
Texas® Crypto
Philips® fixed code
First generation Philips® Crypto**
Second generation Philips® Crypto
Megamos® fixed code
Megamos® Crypto*** (for VAG models – to be activated with TKM. Starter Kit)
Megamos® Crypto (for Kia, Chevrolet-Daewoo, Pontiac)

* All the brands and trade marks mentioned here are the exclusive property of the respective car manufacturers or groups.

** Regarding first generation Philips® Crypto transponder, 884 Decryptor Mini can clone some PH1A; but not PH1B, PH1C, PH1D, PH1E and also Keyline RK60 remote controls.

*** In order to clone TKM-supported Megamos® Crypto transponders, the 884 Decryptor Mini must be activated through the TKM. Starter Kit. To get information on TKM. Starter Kit prices, please contact your local IDN branch.

To place your order for a Keyline USA 884 Decryptor Mini or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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